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    College has excellent laboratory infrastructural facilities and the students can get first-hand experience as they are trained in laboratories to enhance their practical skills. College has modern state-of-the-art language lab to develop the communication and managerial skills of its students

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    English Lab

    English language lab is used as an aid in modern language teaching. It is like a self learning through technology. It helps to maintain good linguistic competence through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation & vocabulary. It also helps to practice voice based activities like speech drill exercises through initiation , voice recording while listening speech we are able to focus on sounds,rhythms,tunes and stress patterns of the language and learn.

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    Lecturer Halls


     Collaborative learning environment, simple, friendly and non-intimidating classroom technology inspires the presenters who rely on improvisation, spontaneity and audience participation. The college focuses on emerging technologies in teaching and learning practices to improve students’ understanding and learning aptitude. Teaching through smart classroom is one of our comprehensive strategies to achieve this goal. Our smart classroom is a mixture of state-of-the-art hardware, syllabus-compliant and multimedia-based interactive content. These changes in the teaching and learning process enhance the students who are more actively engaged in the classroom environment.

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    Internet Facility

    We are providing Internet facility to all the users in the College including teaching, administrative staff,hostels as well as the students. The Internet facility in the College campus is with 10 Mbps speed from BSNL. In addition to this, there are 6 unlimited Broadband Connections from BSNL.

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    Library with 148.40 sq.mts available for MCA and other PG students. > Library with 100 sq.mts available for MBA. students. Library with 200 sq.mts available for Degree students.

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    Girls Hostel

    The College administration puts in all efforts to help the students feel at home in terms of comforts and concern of the hotel personnel. Eco-friendly environment, encouraging academic environment uncompromising quality of hygiene, steam cooking, safe drinking water, round the clock security, availability of qualified doctors and resident wardens, indoor games facilities, uninterrupted power supply- all these ensure a very safe and secure stay for the student At present three blocks of hostels provide accommodation to 1000 students with all the facilities.   

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    Mineral Water Plant

    The institute has realised the significance of students’ health and has rightly taken steps to avoid many a disease that are water born by way of providing purified and protected water by installing a plant which produces 20, 000 litres per day with latest technology available in the contemporary world like R. O. System as a central facility with an investment of Rs. 3.5 lakhs.



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    The campus has its own and sufficient area available for playground for Hand ball, Basket ball, Running Track, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Ball Badminton and all other outdoor games.
    Gymnasium equipment useful for girls is provide in the campus.